Vers un outil de caractérisation et d’analyse de l’interopérabilité des systèmes d’entreprises


    A company must be able to assess its capacity or its reluctance to work with partners, then formulate and implement any necessary changes in his organization (in terms of process, resources, tools and resources) and his behaviour to improve the ability to communicate, collaborate, to cooperate or simply to better coordinate with its partners. This capacity, linked to the level of interoperability of the company, must be analyzed to find avenues for potential improvementObjectives
    The project objective is to formalise and test a methodology to characterize and analyze formally organizational interoperability of a company wanting to move within a corporate network. The following results are expected:
    — Definition and formalization of organizational interoperability rules in the form of formal properties.
    — Proposition of modelling language enhancements needed to describe the conditions of such interoperability.
    — Definition and adaptation of formal analysis mechanisms for proof of properties.
    — Validation of the overall methodology and implementation with a demonstrator.Scope:
    The goal is to demonstrate the interest of a mixed approach integrating Enterprise modelling techniques, formal modelling techniques and formal verification techniques

    COORDINATEUR GSO : Vincent Chapurlat